Story and Goals


Astros Porcia Baseball was born as a company on 10/12/2018 and gets goals as:

  • Promote the maximum diffusion of the practice of Baseball and Softball in every age group, with particular reference to youth sport, according to the addresses issued by CONI and by FIBS; 
  • Implement the fundamental principles of CONI for the discipline of sporting activities and for the protection of the health of athletes;
  • Organise competitions, championships, amateur sporting events, promote the same disciplines in school buildings of every order and grade and put in place every other useful initiative for the propaganda of sports in general.

“A family for baseball”

When you’re young you think about having fun, realizing wishes, and pursuing passions.
As time quickly goes by, passions will not leave you, they indeed grow into a significant demand for commitment and responsibility to share with others.  And it all becomes much more important when your own children are involved.  Creating a smooth and happy environment to receive and promote noble life standards is just like launching a boomerang of positive teaching: it will constructively influence and support the natural growth and maturity of each individual.  This will help face and overcome different challenges in life.  Final results are always a direct consequence of planned targets.  Passion, motivation, determination, planning, knowledge, and professionalism remain the essential requirements to be successful and to be considered ready to guide new generations.  Kids playing baseball are expecting to have fun, be happy, be satisfied with themselves, and realize their dreams conscious of their qualities and potential. These values have been the reason of my commitment for baseball, once as a player and after as a coach.
Today, I am very happy and proud of my sons because they decided not to give up their passion although their work and families commitments. Instead, they offered the opportunity to discover and play this wonderful game called baseball to other young generations and to their sons, my own grandchildren.  Their sports club is called: ADS ASTROS PORCIA BASEBALL.  I wish this new sports club all the best and lots of success.  My personal bond with baseball started when I was fifteen (year 1967).  The following season I was playing for CUS GENOVA in the top league (“A”). The huge passion for baseball has significantly conditioned my sports choices, until I decided to quit soccer although I was considered pretty talented.   When I was seventeen, I was playing in the “D” league with the SESTRESE team.  All this couldn’t stop me from wanting to continue playing baseball, where I found core values that better matched my vision of a healthy sports life.  When I was nineteen I attended an instructor course (1971).  I was later transferred to the South of the Country, but neither this could stop my passion. In fact, after a quick coaching experience in Lecce, a good occasion knocked at my door and along with a few friends I started off the Baseball Club Matino, where I could successfully perform for several years, until reaching the top level. But the most important thing is that I could involve many other young players, to include my sons (Marcello, Massimiliano, and Enzo).  The results we were able to achieve, built a strong interest in the local administration for the realization of a baseball field.  There were many talented players who qualified for the high level competitions.  Some even reached the national top ranking.  These players are: CARROZZA Luigi and CASTRI’ Andrea.  How can I not mention my return to the North of the Country, in Padova to be precise, where I had the honor and pleasure to follow an ambitious technical project dedicated to the future of many young players.  This is a brief report of my sports events, which reflect the passion that Marcello and Enzo are putting into this new adventure recently started in Porcia (Pordenone), with the support of their families.  The passion and dedication to these ideals, if shared, allows you to express yourself to the fullest and will never leave you alone, and ultimately makes your dreams come true.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Raffaele ZAPPIA

Raffaele Zappia
La famigila Zappia
Massimiliano con Raffaele, Enzo e Marcello